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Our Academy was launched in 2016 providing a unique approach to training for our older junior members that has been carefully planned and created.  Below, you will find information about what the Academy is all about together with what the aims and objectives are.

Academy session run every Friday at the Ground starting at 18:30.

What are the aims and objectives of the Academy?


The Academy aims to provide an environment where junior members of Knockin and Kinnerley Cricket Club can flourish, develop their skills and further integrate into senior cricket at all levels.  The Academy will look to build confidence and create a sense of belonging where everyone’s contribution is valued.


In summary our objectives are that all members of the Academy have the opportunity to:


*     Take part in regular, supervised and structured coaching and training sessions

*     Develop specific ‘on the field’ cricketing skills

*     Build strong, lasting relationships with fellow teammates and club members

*     Develop a sense of belonging and pride in representing the club

*     Learn about the art of captaincy, tactics, and field-placings

*     Learn how to do the basics when scoring and umpiring

*     Build confidence in their ability to positively contribute in senior matches

*     Review recent match performances and use to support their individual development

*     Learn skills through taking an active role in the running of the club (such as administrative and organisational skills) where appropriate


Why have an Academy?


Knockin and Kinnerley Cricket Club prides itself on a successful junior setup.  We recognise the current age range of our existing junior training (5 to 15) leaves a gap for older junior members.  This presents a risk that these members may drift away from the game.  The club also recognise that retaining those juniors who show an interest in the game is vital to the future sustainability of the club whilst ensuring that they develop at a pace suited to them.


Research carried out by the ECB has highlighted a number of issues younger members face when transitioning from junior to senior cricket.  The ECB subsequently provided clubs with guidance on how to address some of these.  We have taken the opportunity to work through the findings to help shape our Academy offer and we will continually listen to our members to ensure it's meeting the outcomes for both the club and player.


Playing an active part in senior cricket, regardless of age or experience, is critical to a player’s enjoyment and their continued desire to play the game. An essential element of this is to ensure that each member feels part of the club and has the opportunity to practice and then play at a level where their ability allows them to positively contribute.


The club are also keen to involve our younger members at all levels of the club where appropriate.  We recognise that the future of the club depends on an active and loyal membership.  Certain roles in the club can be filled, or supported by, a junior member that in turn provides them with vital experience that can be utilised in their future away from the cricket field.


Who will be eligible to join the Academy?


Members of Knockin and Kinnerley Cricket Club from the age of 15 can be automatically enrolled into the Academy.  Members who are younger and represent the club at senior level are also encouraged to attend.


Why have age restrictions?


We aim to deliver an advanced level of training and coaching that will require a certain level of experience and/or ability.  We are therefore conscious that this may not be suitable, or in the best interest of all junior members who are able to represent the club at senior level.


Do I need to ‘sign up’ to the Academy?


There is no need to officially sign up to the Academy; attendance at the training evening is all that is required at present, although we will keep a record of who attends.


Does joining the Academy cost anything?


We are mindful of the additional work that will need to go into running an Academy, however, at present there is no intention to increase subscriptions, or request separate payment to become a member of the Academy.


What will the Academy involve?


The Academy will provide an additional training night at the club where all eligible members are invited and encouraged to attend that will be led by qualified coaches.


Sessions will be tailored, including specific drills to develop members in all aspects of playing senior cricket, including working on a one to one basis to develop specific skills where required.


Senior members will be in attendance to provide more challenging sessions and allow for junior members to become accustom to playing against senior players.  We anticipate that this will also accelerate and aide junior members development.


The majority of sessions will be practical that will include specific training drills to develop technique by working directly on the core skills of batting, bowling and fielding with sessions planned accordingly.


In addition, there will be theory based sessions to provide a more detailed look at what is required in order to fully appreciate all aspects of the game.  This will include looking at different tactics, fielding positions and rules of the game in addition to providing training on how to score and umpire where appropriate.

Academy Documents

Clubmark & Policy Documents

Buying the right kit

The rules of the game

Scoring & Umpiring

Fielding Positions

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